Radio Power Adapter (RPA)

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The GEI24-RPA-t Produces power for any communication device requiring the 2590 or 5590 style batteries by using 110 – 220 VAC (shore power or generator) and/or 24 VDC.

When the GEI24-RPA-t is used with both 120/220v AC and 24 VDC it provides unmatched reliability. In the event of a loss of AC power, GEI24-RPA-t will continue to power the radios using the 24v DC source. To ensure the 24v battery is up to the task, the GEI24-RPA-t charges the battery as long as the AC is providing power but it will not over-charge the battery.

When AC or DC alone is used to power the GEI24-RPA-t, it provides a clean, regulated DC output voltage.

Connection to the radio is made with no modification needed. Simply connect the GEI24-RPA-t plug to the radio where the battery would normally connect.

Powering the GEI24-RPA-t via 24 VDC is as simple as plugging in the supplied NATO slave plug into any vehicle with a mating connector.  No complicated cable hookup or accessing the battery compartment is needed.

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