Electric Hydraulic Bore Cleaning System (EHBCS)

The back breaking task of cleaning a gun tube just got simple. What used to take several soldiers and hours to complete can now be done in minutes with just one person. The new Electric Bore Cleaning System (EBCS) is a fully automatic, versatile and simple to operate Bore Cleaning Tool.

Product Specifications

  • Operates off of any vehicles 24VDC Slave Connector
  • Versatile; The EHBCS can clean any tube from 105mm to 155mm
  • Compact; can travel with mobile artillery or support vehicles
  • Simple operation; allows one soldier to clean a gun tube
  • Fast 20-25 minutes is all the time needed to clean a gun tube.
  • Clean EPA friendly; A tube can be cleaned and preserved with as little as 10 oz. of oil
  • No special equipment required; the EHBCS can be used with standard shop rags or even tee-shirts
  • Allows for easy maintenance in the field

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