How to Draw Power from Your Military Vehicle If the Grid Goes Down

How to Draw Power from Your Military Vehicle If the Grid Goes Down

Imagine a tornado, earthquake, or hurricane has hit your area. Major utilities may be out, leaving people searching for shelter and security in the dark. They need help, but that help never seems to arrive soon enough.

When a natural disaster, civil unrest, or major power outage hits your area, you can’t rely on the government to come to the rescue. With a little preparation, ingenuity, and rugged individualism, you can keep your family comfortable and safe even when the grid is incapacitated.

When you own a Humvee or other military vehicle, you own a powerhouse–even when you’re not taking it for a drive. Every Humvee holds a 24VDC power source capable of offering hundreds of amps of power. This power supply can become a lifesaver in the case of a catastrophe, powering lights, computers, cell phone chargers, pumps, cooking appliances, and several other electrical devices that can sustain you when systems break down.

Accessing this power source quickly, and safely is as easy as plugging in a cable. That’s it. Just a few seconds between personal hardship and personal freedom.

But not just any cable works. A NATO slave cable, designed specifically to connect safely, and securely with military vehicle battery banks, is a must–and it can keep you going for around fifty bucks, a small price to pay for survival.

Graywacke’s mini NATO slave cable was created to meet the needs of survivalists like you seeking a low cost, low amperage alternative to other more expensive, bulkier connectors. The patented design of the mini slave cable gives a lightweight, compact, and economical solution for connectivity to your Humvee.

In difficult times, depend on the one who knows your needs best: you. You’ve worked hard to keep you and your family safe. Keep all your options for survival open with a mini NATO slave cable.

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