Stay Alive Power System (NSN 6130-01-630-4700)

Product Number: SKU00008

Tech Drawing Brochure

The AN/PRC-152 radio has a non-rechargeable stay-alive coin cell battery internal to the radio housing. This coin cell provides constant power to maintain critical radio information when another power source is not available (i.e. principle radio battery). The replacement of the non-rechargeable coin cell is not a trivial procedure and premature failure of this coin cell can present mission readiness problems. In addition to the coin cell battery issues, the AN/PRC-152 radio battery also must be maintained over long storage periods. The radios are stored both with and without their main batteries requiring a storage maintenance solution that works in both configurations. The GEI-24-SAPS is the solution to the PRC-152 stay alive battery problem.

Technical Drawings

Case Dimensions


Case Base Dimensions

• Provides storage and maintenance for up to 24 PRC-152 radios and/or primary batteries
• Universal AC input
• 24 VDC input via NATO style connector
• Internal and External LED status display
• 15’ AC NEMA style input cable
• 5’ DC Mini NATO style input cable
• Independent and simultaneous radio bay operation
• Integrated ruggedized storage and transit case
• Circuit protected AC and DC input
• Built in Safety logic