Military Portable Power Equipment and NATO Slave Cables

Graywacke specializes in custom integration and design solutions for today’s military. It’s our goal to develop products that provide reliable performance, reduce cost, and minimize waste. We set ourselves apart by providing exceptional service and unparalleled product support. Whether your interested in our power products, NATO slave cables, a custom solution designed for you, or our line of  compact connectivity products, you can be confident that it has been designed to provide rugged, convenient, and reliable performance. Simply tell us what you would like to accomplish and Graywacke will develop the solution.

Recent Updates

  • Graywacke Solar Applications Graywacke Solar Applications

    SOLAR; Graywacke mini slave cable provides a lightweight, cost effective solution for Pulsetech Products Corporations SPCMS PulseTech 24V Battery Solar Pulse Charge

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  • Graywacke Lighting Applications Graywacke Lighting Applications

    LIGHTING; Seeing the enemy before they see you is critical. Xenonics Holdings, trusts the mini slave cable to provide power for their popular line of lighting gear.

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